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Comments for Memory Cards Game

by angela the 3/17/2010
Keeps my 3 yr old entertained. He loves the splat noise.-droid

by Keezie the 9/30/2009
The kid loves it. Could use some updates with new features, but im not complaining. Thanks!

by Gaynita the 8/16/2009
My 3 and 5 year olds love it.

Comments for Stereograms

by Beef the 12/23/2009
A wide variation in quality but the best ones are genius.

by jorgerolandin the 10/15/2009
I did it sober i did it high! Nothing! Uninstalling.

by raul the 8/14/2009
Very good and a bit amazing

by marian the 7/20/2009
These are some much fun

by byron36 the 7/20/2009
Whoa... flashbacks!

by cal the 7/20/2009
Love this app. Wow'd my friends (includeing my Iphone friends). If they have this, they dont know it.

by Michael the 7/1/2009
Fantastic, for the price, I would even pay for an update to get more pics. BRILLIANT JOB

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